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Nova Scotia Express Entry

Nova Scotia Express Entry

An Overview of Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

Nova Scotia is home to beautiful and diverse landscapes. The cost of housing is relatively lower compared to the rest of the country, especially in the rural areas. Other reasons to consider immigrating to Nova Scotia are the thriving economy, the high standard of living, the delicious cuisine, the coastal beauty, the moderate maritime type weather, and the Universities in Halifax and elsewhere in the province, among many other reasons.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) is an initiative of the Nova Scotia provincial government meant to bring in immigrants with relevant experience and skills. Those who qualify under the program get a Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Certificate that they can use in the federal Express Entry immigration selection system to increase their chances of getting permanent residence status.

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Who Qualifies?

There are four streams or categories of people who can apply for admittance into the province through NSNP. These are:

This category was established on January 1, 2015. It is designed for individuals who have skills the province feels will be of benefit to the Nova Scotia economy. There are 29 eligible occupations for those who would like to use this stream ranging from civil engineers to registered nurses.

This stream targets highly experienced individuals who already have Nova Scotia work experience. Applicants must have worked in the province for at least 1 year full-time within the past 3 years before the application, or its equivalent in part-time work.

This stream allows Nova Scotia employers who are struggling to find qualified workers in the province to bring in foreign workers who have the skills. This stream is divided into 3 subcategories namely skilled workers who have NOC occupation level 0, A, or B experience, Semi-Skilled Workers who have NOC occupation level C experience, and Low-Skilled Workers who have NOC occupation level D experience.

The International Graduate Stream is usually categorized as the 4th subjection of the skilled workers’ category and it is aimed at helping employers bring in recent international graduates who have graduated from an eligible Canadian university.

This stream allows Nova Scotia employers to hire close relatives. The relatives must have specific skills that are not readily available in Canada. The term “close relative” refers to the child, sibling, niece, nephew, uncle, aunt, or grandchild of the business owner or his spouse, as well as step and half relatives.

This stream allows individuals who have close connections in the community to get permanent resident status. They, however, need to be employable and must provide a letter of identification from a relevant community organization as proof of the long-term connection.

There is a proposal for an Entrepreneur Stream which is currently being developed. Note that the Non-Dependent Child of Nova Scotia Nominees and the Agri-Food Sector Streams have since been closed.

How to Apply

You could apply directly to the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration (NSOI) by submitting an EOI (Expression of Interest). You will then be assessed based on a points grid and if you qualify, you will get a Nova Scotia PNP nomination certificate. On getting the certificate, you can then create your online Express Entry profile and submit the certificate and other eligibility details.

Alternatively, you can begin by creating the online Express Entry profile and then expressing your interest to live and work in Nova Scotia. The NSOI will consider your application and if your application is successful, you will get 600 out of a possible 1,200 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, giving you a score that is almost always enough to be selected for permanent residency during the next draw.

Why Apply Through a Lawyer?

At the Law Office of Matthew Jeffery, we will assist you throughout the application process. We handle everything from assisting you to optimize your Express Entry profile to filing relevant paperwork (such as with certification bodies) and from work permit renewal to admissibility hearings. We will also explain to you the eligibility criteria for each of the streams.

Please fill out the Skilled Worker Free Assessment Form on our website and we will assess your qualifications and contact you with further details if you are qualified to make an application for immigration to Canada or one of its provinces.


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